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Skip to main content. Email Address. Password Forgot My Password. Reset your password. View My Binders. This article in CS Vol. Abstract Public concerns about crop uniformity introduced by modern plant breeding and genetic vulnerability to biotic and abiotic stresses have been one of the major forces driving long-term efforts in plant germplasm conservation for future food security. Search Publications Advanced Search. Member Login Email Address. Create Account. Microsatellite genetic diversity analysis and allelic variation comparison of obsolete and modern Bulgarian bread wheat Triticum aestivumL.

Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution The impact of modern plant breeding on dominant Chinese wheat cultivars Triticum aestivum L. Read More. J Food Sci Technol. Devi P. Health benefits of finger millet Eleusine coracana L. Jones J. Grain-based foods and health cereals. Cereal Foods World. Duodu K. Factors affecting sorghum protein digestibility. Cereal Sci. Sade F. Proximate, antinutritional factors and functional properties of processed pearl millet Pennisetum glaucum.

Food Technol. Shashi B.

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Genetic and genomic resources for grain cereals improvement [2016]

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McGinnis K. RNAi for functional genomics in plants. Plessis A. Association study of wheat grain protein composition reveals that gliadin and glutenin composition are trans-regulated by different chromosome regions. Association mapping of malting quality quantitative trait loci in winter barley: positive signals from small germplasm arrays. Plant Genome. Cai S. Grain protein content variation and its association analysis in barley. BMC Plant Biol. Shu X. Plant Sci. Houston K. BMC Genomics.

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A Systems Approach to Identify the Genetic Control of Nutritional Grain Traits in Maize - M. Gore

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