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Introduction to Physical Hydrology

Patricia L. Wiberg is a professor and chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia.

Fields of Study

Jeffrey P. Raffensperger is a hydrologist at the U. Geological Survey.

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    Raffensperger and Paolo D'Odorico. Johns Hopkins University Press. About the Authors George M.

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    • Introduction to Physical Hydrology?
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    Reviews "This well-illustrated in three colors , reasonably priced volume is a worthwhile acquisition. Other Titles by George M. Water Resources Science and Society.

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    Sep - Johns Hopkins University Press. Lee, with contributions by Tricia Coakley, Jeffrey W.

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    Physical Hydrology. Course Description Principles of hydrologic processes and the integration of these processes into the hydrologic cycle. Course Objectives The student, upon completion of this course, should be able to: Describe and represent major components of the hydrologic cycle mathematically and discuss scientifically how these components interact; Define, calculate, and use the return period of a storm or other event in engineering design; Estimate peak runoff rates and total runoff volumes from watersheds for use in water resources engineering design; and, Communicate a familiarity with the structure and functions of natural stream systems.