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Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering in Dental Sciences bridges the gap left by many tissue engineering and stem cell biology titles to highlight the significance of translational research in this field in the medical sciences. It compiles basic developmental biology with keen focus on cell and matrix biology, stem cells with relevance to tissue engineering biomaterials including nanotechnology and current applications in various disciplines of dental sciences; viz.

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In addition, it covers research ethics, laws and industrial pitfalls that are of particular importance for the future production of tissue constructs. Tissue Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of biomedical research, which combines life, engineering and materials sciences, to progress the maintenance, repair and replacement of diseased and damaged tissues. This ever-emerging area of research applies an understanding of normal tissue physiology to develop novel biomaterial, acellular and cell-based technologies for clinical and non-clinical applications. As evident in numerous medical disciplines, tissue engineering strategies are now being increasingly developed and evaluated as potential routine therapies for oral and craniofacial tissue repair and regeneration.

Basic and clinical researchers in the fields of biomedical science, cell biology, nanoscience, nanotechnology, biomaterial science and engineering, bioengineering, and cell biology working within dental sciences research. In addition to the long-term academic interest; he is committed to translating next generation cell-based therapies and has held key industrial positions in Europe and Asia. He is a co-founder of OCTE Technologies, a biotech start-up utilizing cell and tissue engineering technology platform to solve medical problems.

He graduated with a degree in biology from York University and a PhD in biochemistry from Sheffield University Following postdocs in Sheffield, Wisconsin and Cambridge he became lecturer in molecular embryology at the University of Manchester in where he established a research group working on the molecular control of tooth development. The department, of which he remains head, now consists of 13 academic research groups with over 80 research staff.

From he was Director of Research for the Dental Institute. His main research interests are the molecular control of tooth development, dental stem cell biology and tooth bioengineering.

How stem cells self-organize in the developing embryo -- ScienceDaily

He is on the editorial boards of several journals including J. Songtao Shi, D. Shi received his D. His research program focuses on understanding mechanism of mesenchymal stem cell MSC -associated diseases, developing new experimental disease models, and exploring feasibility of translating these bench discoveries to clinical therapies.

His group and his collaborators were the first to identify dental pulp stem cells, baby tooth stem cells, periodontal ligament stem cells, root apical papilla stem cells, tendon stem cells, gingiva stem cells, sclera MSCs, and benign tumor MSCs from keloid and ossifying fibroma. In translational study, Dr. Shi and his collaborators were the first to use MSCs to treat systemic lupus erythematosus SLE , periodontitis, bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw-like disease BRONJ in animal models and patients.

Additionally, Dr. LONGDOM conferences speaker bureau map future challenges through ideation sessions by designing and validating new ideas with end users by placing right speakers in front of right audience at the right time. He has won awards for Technical Innovation in the Cleanroom Industry. Keiichi Fukuda, Professor of the Department of Cardiology, Keio University, is pioneer of the cardiac regeneration field and has been at its cutting edge for the past 20 years.

He has made several contributions to both the fundamental biology of the stem cells and how to regenerate cardiomyocytes and to transplant them into the in vivo heart.

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He first reported that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells can be induced to differentiate into cardiomyocytes in vitro. He first developed a method to generate iPS cells from peripheral circulating T lymphocytes using Sendai virus containing Yamanaka factors.

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He also developed novel method to purify the cardiomyocytes by the difference of metabolic energy pathway. He is planning to examine the transplantation of iPS-derived regenerated cardiomyocytes to the patients with congestive heart failure. He published more than top-ranked papers including Nature- and Cell-sister journals. He also worked as editorial board members for more than 10 international journals. Soukaina El Massoudi is a PhD student in the 3rd year under the theme "Henna enhancement for cosmetic use" at the Laboratory of Functional Ecology and Environment Faculty of Science and Technology Fez-Morocco, Holder of a Master's degree in Biodiversity Management and Conservation, Soukaina grew up in Fez the oldest Moroccan city, passionate about the environment and the preservation of natural resources.

He holds many international publications and won many local prizes and now he is the executive manager of the stem cell research lab at Animal Health Research Institute in Egypt. And his passion is decreasing the gap between basic research and clinical applications. She tooks part in the project in the laboratory of Dr. Gambacurta to study the epigenetic and molecular mechanisms involved in human and animal stem cell differentiation.

The Science of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine - Arnold Caplan PhD (Part 2)

During this time spent in Dr. He is trained and board-certified in Clinical Oncology, Immunology, and Pediatrics with main research and clinical interest during last 20 years in stem cell therapies, regenerative medicine, anti-aging and cancer immunotherapy using minimally invasive, safe and effective treatment approaches. He holds a patent for isolation of stem cells from the adipose tissue and he is also an inventor of several new medical technologies related to cell therapies. Since he has served as the president of International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy www.

He holds authorship of more than scientific publications in reputed journals and books. Farid Menaa is an inter- and multi-disciplinary professional with worldwide reputation. During his ongoing career, he has mainly contributed to the identification and functions of new human disease-causing genes and variants, formulated natural products for anti-aging and developed innovative theranostic strategies against cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and infectious diseases.

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  • Menaa collaborates with various organizations worldwide. He is a member of several prestigious medical and scientific organizations and editorial boards in the field of medicine, science, technology and business, including in the nano-segment. He has authored more than articles including research and review articles, books, book chapters, textbooks, proceedings, and has participated to over scientific international events including as co-organizer, keynote speaker, chairman.

    He has developed regulatory compliance strategies for implementing medical device and in-vitro diagnostic regulation and currently works as consultant for medical device manufacturers.

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    Ma is a first-year anesthesiology doctoral student at the Shanxi Medical University. During school years, He spent most of his time to do scientific research about the effect of Oligodendrocytes in spinal cord injury. In this study, he found APC-Cdh1 played an important role in the proliferation and activation of Oligodendrocytes following spinal cord injury, which may be valuable for the targeted therapy of spinal cord injury to some extent.

    Abdelmonem A. Potential Clinical Applications. A Clinical Trial Review. Stem Cell Transplantation to the Heart. Microtechnology for Stem Cell Culture. Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine in Urology. Regenerative Strategies for Cardiac Disease. Introduction to Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.