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No one had wasted time digging the horrible stuff away from the houses. Every person who could hold a shovel was needed elsewhere, and still there were not enough of them.

Wintersmith (Discworld #35 / Tiffany Aching #3)

As it was, most people had been up all night, walking the flocks of yearlings, trying to keep the new lambs safe. Her snow. It was a message to her. A challenge. A summons.

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No, not a good girl, thought Tiffany. I brought this on us. Make it out of anything that will burn and you must keep it going. It'll keep trying to go out, but you must keep it going. Keep piling on the fuel, whatever happens. The fire must not go out! She didn't want people's minds to wander.

She put on the heavy brown woollen cloak that Miss Treason had made for her and grabbed the black pointy hat that hung on the back of the farmhouse door. There was a sort of communal grunt from the people who'd crowded into the kitchen, and some of them backed away. We want a witch now, we need a witch now, but - we'll back away now, too. That was the magic of the pointy hat.

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It was what Miss Treason called 'boffo'. Tiffany Aching stepped out into the narrow corridor that had been cut through the snow-filled farmyard where the drifts were more than twice the height of a man.

Discworld: Book 35 – Wintersmith (Book Review)

At least the deep snow kept off the worst of the wind, which was made of knives. A track had been cleared all the way to the paddock, but it had been heavy-going. When there is fifteen feet of snow everywhere, how can you clear it? Where can you clear it to? She waited by the cart sheds while the men hacked and scraped at the snow banks. They were tired to the bone by now; they'd been digging for hours.

The important thing was-But there were lots of important things. It was important to look calm and confident, it was important to keep your mind clear, it was important not to show how pants-wettingly scared you were. She held out a hand, caught a snowflake and took a good look at it. It wasn't one of the normal ones, oh no. It was one of his special snowflakes. That was nasty. He was taunting her. Now, she could hate him. She'd never hated him before.

But he was killing the lambs. She shivered, and pulled the cloak around her. She cleared her throat and started again.

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I loved the Tiffany Aching series of books and there are a lot of covers for this one: winter Nearly caught up with The third book in the Tiffany Aching series - five Discworld novels by master-storyteller Terry Pratchett. Discworld Novel Wintersmith : Terry Pratchett : Books - Amazon. At 11, she battled an ancient body-stealing evil. They— Crivens! It's going to be a cold, cold season, because if Tiffany doesn't survive until Spring— —Spring won't come.

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