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I'm a fan of the neat and tidy all-bows-tied in a knot bit. But it was a thought provo The first thing I'd probably like to mention is that it has it's good and bad points, just like any book. But it was a thought provoking book. However, the biggest beef i have with this book is that the author obviously did not hire a professional editor. The writing was in very many places, frankly, pretty choppy and repetitive.

I found myself paying attention more to the choppiness of the dialogue and movement of the characters while I was reading In the beginning, through the end a lot of times, there were commas where i felt there shouldn't be, and no commas where I felt there should be, and often quotes were placed opposite where they should be for instance, "blahblahblah "he said. There were quite a few typos and inconsistencies in terms of ways things were spelled frantically versus franticly. I think much much closer attention could have been paid.

There were highlights in terms of the stirring descriptions of some of the processes, things that happened. It was overall inconsistent, sometimes the writing would be great, and I would read through it like I should for a normal book, but other times I found myself playing the "critic" editing as i went, rather than enjoying the story which was sad. Theme wise, I think this book had very strong opinions from a Christian point of view, and while I am personally a Baptist in faith, I am also very liberal, and pushiness in faith don't normally sit well with me.

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This book obviously had a very strong message, which became much more obvious towards the end.. I think this book might be suited for a church group to read together to discuss the deeper meanings and perspectives that the characters had, perhaps even the symbolism behind some of the characters, notably Suzanne, Lash, Clyde, Sarah, etc so forth, in relating to the Bible and what it teaches. There were a lot of deeper messages and honestly some very creepy, disturbing parts involving the roles and power shifts and ultimately what happens in the cave When I started reading it after the group went into the cave, I was thinking "ugh this is going to turn into a cannibalistic Donner Party type of thing" and yes, it did, but I give the writer commendations on how she handled it, it was very very tastefully done, but still just disturbing enough for the story line as it stood.

I just realized that I've rambled on about the story and technical things, but haven't detailed the story in brief Basically, the story starts with the idyllic planning of a large family for a wedding and quickly descends into a maelstrom of natural disasters akin to Hurricane Sandy and that like.. I found that part pretty disturbing as well because i thought it went rather too in depth, given the recent storm, but i realize this book was probably written much longer ago than that But still, it just felt a bit overdone.

Anyway, Clyde, the ex-husband of the mother of the groom was there, and for a long time he's been viewed as the "kook" in the family, as he claimed to hear the voice of God. Everyone understandably thinks he's nuts. That is, until the storm comes rolling in, and it becomes quite obvious that they need to take cover, quickly. Then Clyde comes to the rescue, a cave all prepared for the end of the world, and gives some very compelling arguments as to why they should join him.

Eventually, they do, and they get there, and there's some very good writing in the scenes up until they enter the cave, including a stampede of animals and some fast thinking on one of the main men's part a truck rear-ending the entrance to get food out of the truck. Things begin to eventually turn sour as the group devises a constitution of sorts, according to Clyde's voices, which everything he's said, has come true so far It really becomes very involved Whether they get out or not, is for you to find out.

I will say though, while the story was a good one, the writing wasn't that great in places, and the typos really should have been fixed If the author decides to rerelease, I'd encourage she hire a professional editor, and that would make the book that much WORLDS better. If you enjoy religious and apocalyptic, dark stories about family and deeper messages about good and evil, you'll like this. I honestly still can't decide if I liked it I liked it enough to where I'll recommend it, provided you prepare yourself..

I know I wasn't, but I still enjoyed it, with the distractions of periods of poor writing and typos, but it was overall decently told. Nov 29, J. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book starts with Sarah, who I guessed would be the main character in the story. Everyone in her family is preparing for this wedding. I regretted meeting the family. There were a lot, a lot of characters. If the narrator does a good job describing them, they become strong, multidimensional, and finally, those characters that left the story This book starts with Sarah, who I guessed would be the main character in the story.

If the narrator does a good job describing them, they become strong, multidimensional, and finally, those characters that left the story stay in the mind of the reader because they did the job and became memorable.

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Many, many of the characters were introduced with a very unnecessary description, and then the story moved on. The first chapters are about the wedding.

But soon everything turns into a chaos. There is this earthquake and they see on TV what is going on around the country. This part I liked and enjoyed to certain extend, because the writer did an awesome job at researching. There is this character, the evil one of the story, Clyde, who takes all the people he can take to this cave, which he knows too well.

There, he tells them they will be saved from the fire that is coming their way. They eventually get to the cave and there is this scene that I truly enjoyed. The fire coming, the smoke, panic in the air, animals coming and crashing and running everywhere. In the cave, Clyde becomes even creepier. He is a very, very interesting character. For example, he has a generation in the cave, and they have light! Obviously, since he had been working on that cave for a long time, preparing it for an even like such. What began to bother me when they were in the cave was the thinking and race for survival.

How and why, you must read! But, there were the details of survival that bothered me immensely. Once in the cave, Nathan, another character, is eating this salad, and suddenly he gets the idea to save the seeds to plant them! How long is he planning to stay in the cave to think such thing? They find a lake with clean water, and ironically, they stay in the cave for 8 months; the seeds grown.

They eat each other. Understandable, the narrator did an amazing job at telling me the reasons why this needed to happen. Clyde was in charge of, well, processing the meat of the dead ones. The problem was that they only ate three people. I liked the story; there was something going to happen; I wanted to know. Then I was told at the beginning of a new chapter that they had been in the cave for 2 years.

Two years is a very, very long time. Okay, more creepy things began to happen, we finally see more of Sarah, discover her dark secrets, and see a dark side of her. We also begin to wonder what in the world is going on with Clyde. After all, he was the one keeping everyone alive, everything under control, and everyone under his wing. I thought he was plain crazy.

There are things he does and thinks about that do not make sense at all, which explains all his evil and cruel. The ending was very amazingly done, but there was no true shock, nothing that could make you gasp and turn the page as you tried to breathe. I liked it, and was everything it needed to be. It left a lot of holes and questions unanswered, but overall it was done well, told well, and planted new hope for the group of people that survived.

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Originally posted on my blog: I should have given up two chapters in. The writing was clunky. The story was poorly developed and badly executed. There were too many characters, and I never did figure out how old they all were or how they were all related.