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December 4, Jeremiah Karpowicz.

Additionally, their efforts to connect unmanned traffic management UTM system integrated functions for operators across Japan will ensure drones can effectively function in the interconnected environments of the future. Our Newsletter. Showa Denko K.

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Cinnamon has decided to jointly develop a database system equipped with artificial intelligence AI to utilize technical documents. Technical documents accumulated by Japanese manufacturing industry contain a massive amount of knowledge.

NEDO Publishes the Draft Outline of Challenges for the World Robot Summit and Seeks Public Comment

However, most of those documents are stored as data on paper. On the other hand, it is practically difficult to convert massive amount of data on paper into digital ones with handwork.

How to draw Scalloped Line Day-2 (Outline-008)

Moreover, existing optical character reader OCR technology cannot read technical documents containing handwritten characters with enough accuracy. Also, in additive manufacturing, the surface finish is inferior compared to conventional metalwork technology.

NEDO Defines How Drones Will Work for Disaster Response and UTM in Japan

The challenge of internal defects will be addressed in NEDO's new project. NEDO plans to observe, and collect measurements on, metal-vapor, metal-splash spatter , temperature distribution, how to lay powder material, etc.

Jeremiah Karpowicz

Further, NEDO plans to develop advanced monitoring for the build, as well as element technology for controlling the build according to feedback received from this monitoring process. Currently, German companies lead the market in 3D printing machines. China is the leader for patents, while the U.

NEDO has stated its hopes that Japan, by exercising its own unique strengths, will be able to increase its future share in this market. Market predictions relating to metal 3D printing.