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When it's not firmly grounded in a strong foundation, striving leads to craving, and craving leads to suffering. The answer isn't eliminating passion.

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Yet when people are encouraged to engage in an activity for the love of the activity itself, they rarely, if ever, burnout — even when they log long hours and neglect other elements of their lives for a period of time, anyways. This sounds easy, but it's not. Here's why. Harmonious passion requires three main things. Some lack mastery or at least creativity, thanks to rigid guidelines—which may work for patients but not for docs and also belonging as medicine becomes more siloed and electronic.

Teachers have hardly any room to adjust curriculum, which is delivered by administrators in suits who rarely are doing the work.

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If autonomy, mastery, and belonging are solid, however, people can still care about external validation, metrics, and results, but they don't become obsessed with them. This only lasts for so long, especially in fields like medicine or teaching where once you hit mid-career the options for external progress and promotion become more limited.

At that point, if you don't love the craft itself, you're liable to burnout. So these fields have got to make sure the traits that support loving the craft are always in place throughout one's career.

Taking a passionate person and putting them in a big system where they feel like a cog and lack real connection never, ever works. Harmonious passion is linked with high-performance, life-satisfaction, wellbeing.

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People with harmonious passion can work long hours without burning out. Never one to be scared off by superstitious lore, Kara Crawford laughed at the local talk of creatures lurking in the dark. What harm could come of befriending the handsome stranger with the haunted look in his midnight eyes? No matter what shadowy secrets Alexander hid, Kara felt drawn to him, compelled to join him beneath the silver light of the moon, where they would share a love Show menu Top novels.

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Read Deeper than the Night online free. Author: Amanda Ashley. Genres: Romance , Mystery. There have not always been this many mass shootings. The same could be said for mental illness, racism, and ideological extremism. All of these things have existed in America — to a greater degree, in the case of racism — since our nation's founding. If this were simply a problem of crazy people with guns, or racists with guns, or ideological extremists with guns, we should observe a relatively consistent rate of mass shootings.

We do not observe that. What we observe is a smattering through the first years of our country's existence, a noticeable uptick in the late '90s, and then an explosion of some of the deadliest mass shootings in history right around 12 years ago. Clearly the standard explanations do not account for this. What, then, does account for it? At bottom, the answer is that we have become a country filled with numb, detached, and desensitized people.

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Mass shootings are the ultimate manifestation of that detachment. Our reaction to them — rhetorically slinging dead bodies at each other to score points in a political argument — is a slightly less severe but very much related manifestation. A survivor of the El Paso shooting reports that the shooter casually smirked before unloading on a crowd of innocent people.

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This echoes many other reports from many similar shootings. The killer is always smirking like he's slightly amused, or else he's blank-faced and emotionless. Rarely do you get a picture of someone running around enraged and screaming. We call these acts of "hate," but they are much more acts of brutal, murderous indifference. These are empty, numb, detached people slaughtering their fellow humans because they are bored and frustrated with their meaningless lives. But this only kicks the can another mile down the road. If it is detachment and desensitization causing these attacks, the next question is, what causes the detachment and desensitization?

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  6. The culprits here are manifold, but the internet has to be one of the first places we look. Though it has of course existed for several decades, the internet has only been ubiquitous for the past two. The rise of social media is even more recent than that. As with any massive societal shift, we will not fully understand its effects until we are a good distance from it.

    But it's already fairly clear that our cyber space obsession causes us to be increasingly detached from the physical world and each other.