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She finally made it to Salzburg, where she has been since The legendary Trojan TB marked the beginning of a truly fascinating collection of airworthy planes that today take centre stage at many air shows. Since the summer of , the TB shines in a whole new light. It has been completely restored for the past few years, involving painstakingly detailed work by technicians from The Flying Bulls.

North American T-28 "Trojan"

With this unique eyecatcher the skies can be conquered again! North American TB "Trojan". Skip to main content Press Enter. The first T flew in September , and the TA entered production in Navy versions TB and C were powered by a 1,hp engine.

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Equipped with 1,hp engines, these airplanes redesignated the TD "Nomad" were effective weapons for close air support against enemy troops in Southeast Asia. Trojans, however, continued to be flown by the Air National Guard until the late s, and by the U. Navy into the s. The Trojan on display was painted as a typical Air Training Command TA in the mids and was transferred to the museum in September Span: 40 ft.

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Length: 32 ft. Height: 12 ft.

Technical specifications

Weight: 7, lbs. I also chose to do this because I wanted to know more about radial engines and what to look for in making a T purchase. As it turned out, this was an excellent decision because the school is designed to have the student to fly safe and buy safe.

Not only was the proper care and feeding of the Trojan discussed, but also, we learned the differences between T models A, B, C, D and F, the respective after market options, and most importantly, pre-purchase inspections, maintenance, parts, training, networking and support.

Impressions from the plane

My weeklong class was comprised of 15 students, two of which have become my best friends. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see others in the class at a major airshow or at formation training or a proficiency gathering. Darton is now called Warbird Solutions, L. The school is now four days long. Information can be obtained from John Kraman at This organization maintains and issues a membership directory with names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

NATA also publishes a great periodic magazine that has regular articles on the maintenance and flying of North American aircraft. From a historical basis, the T simply is not as well know as the W. II fighters who were glamorized in Hollywood productions over the last 60 years. The Trojan, however, was never designed to be a fighter, but rather, a trainer. Indeed, North American designed it to be a complex trainer to help jet pilot candidates transition into the F and F9F. The Trojan became a real combat warbird for the U.

The actions of the Tangos and their U. Indeed, these pilots flew more than a missions per month and one legendary RLAF pilot, Lee Lue, flew more than combat missions.

Warbird Alley: North American T Trojan

It was the last single radial engine aircraft designated by the military. These models were under powered with an R Wright Cyclone which produced only hp. These birds then went to National Guard units or to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to be mothballed or were given away by our government as part of a foreign assistance program. Of interest, is that the TA was modified and became the Fennec which became the first Trojan warbird.

North American T-28A Trojan

In , the U. It also went to a 3-blade prop from a 2 blade. These engine and prop changes increased the B models service ceiling to 37, feet, a 6,foot increase over the A-model. Interestingly, it was Bob Hoover who was the test pilot for the TB. The Navy purchased B-models. Understanding a good thing when they saw it, the Air Force and Army also purchased B-models.