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Hermann Stefan. Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management.

Handbook of Epilepsy Treatment

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Advances in Epilepsy Treatment – Mayo Clinic

Howard L. Ilo E. Oxford Textbook of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures. Simon Shorvon. Anesthetic Pharmacology.

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Handbook of Epilepsy Treatment by Shorvon Simon

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  • ISBN 13: 9781405198189.
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  • Simon Shorvon: Handbook of epilepsy treatment, 2nd edition.
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  • Simon Shorvon: Handbook of epilepsy treatment, 2nd edition.

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Karen Torralba. Oncology of Infancy and Childhood E-Book. David G. Autoimmune Neurology. Sean J. Olivier Dulac. Acquired Brain Injury in the Fetus and Newborn. Michael Shevell. Howard P. Drugs in Neurology. Sathiji Nageshwaran. The Treatment of Epilepsy. Emilio Perucca. Clinical Neuroimmunology. Syed A. Migraine: A Neuroinflammatory Disease? Egilius L. Fast Facts: Epilepsy. Martin J Brodie.

Psoriatic Arthritis. Dafna Gladman. Myasthenia Gravis and Related Disorders. Henry J. Andreas Reiff. Landmark Papers in Rheumatology. Richard A. Management of Genetic Syndromes. Suzanne B. Christian Guilleminault. Sleep, Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease. Antonio Culebras. Spinal Cord Injury. Joost Verhaagen.

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Psoriatic and Reactive Arthritis E-Book. It provides enough detail to be useful as a reference and yet gives information in an easy-to-use format for busy clinical practice. This concise and readable book is an invaluable guide for all doctors, regardless of specialty, seeing patients.

Why treat epilepsy? Pharmacokinetic principles of antiepileptic drug treatment Choice of drugs for different seizure types Treatment of specific epilepsy syndromes Principles of treatment of newly diagnosed patients Principles of treatment of patients with established active epilepsy Treatment of patients with epilepsy in remission Treatment of epilepsy in children The treatment of epilepsy in the elderly The treatment of epilepsy in women The treatment of psychiatric disorders in epilepsy Complementary and alternative therapy in epilepsy Genetic counselling in epilepsy.

The immediate management of a seizure Status epilepticus Antiepileptic drugs used in status epilepticus. Introduction Pre-surgical assessment — general points Surgery in epilepsy arising in the mesial temporal lobe Surgery in epilepsy arising in extra-temporal regions and in the temporal neocortex Surgery where no lesion is apparent on neuroimaging Hemispherectomy, hemispherotomy and other large resections Corpus callosectomy corpus callosum section, corpus callosotomy Multiple subpial transection Vagus nerve stimulation Other functional surgical procedures The organization of epilepsy surgery care: the epilepsy surgery centre.