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Given that the credibility of U. These great and medium power maneuverings open a new page in the never-ending effort of those states to influence events in Afghanistan and among its neighbors.

Terror in Central Asia: NATO's Great Game

They also betoken the continuing diminution of U. Central Asian governments are by now well attuned to the risks of participation in the BRI, but they are also not in a position to resist offers of billions in vital investment even if there are strings both hidden and overt attached. Neither can they simply deny the terrorist threat and the necessity of Russian protection against it. Moreover, they will now have important allies. Moscow is in fact a state sponsor of terrorism in Ukraine and the Middle East as a principal armorer of Hezbollah and supporter of many Iranian—backed groups.

If there are any experts who believe in these optimistic scenarios, now is the time for them to make their case. Silk Road Paper Svante E. Cornell and S. Book S.

Is the new ‘Great Game’ a China-Russia duel over Central Asia?

Frederick Starr and Svante E. Cornell, ed.

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Article Svante E. Article S. Publications Analytical Articles Wither Afghanistan?

Wednesday, 13 February Wither Afghanistan? Published in Analytical Articles. Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 4 votes. Read times Last modified on Wednesday, 13 February Yet, the Russians themselves were far more concerned about their relations with Central Asian powers and peoples.

Neither side had a free hand in the region: they faced severe logistical constraints movement of armies depended entirely on camels that were supplied by the nomadic population and, at the outset at least, they had only a very limited knowledge of Central Asian society, culture and politics. The British suffered two disastrous reverses in Afghanistan, in and , and in neither case could these defeats be attributed to Russian initiative — they were inflicted by the Afghans themselves.

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Abd al-Rahman Khan r. Yet the term is also a European creation, and something imposed retrospectively on a more complex past.

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He applies it, sparingly, only to the Han period, in discussing the relationship between political expansion and trade on the one hand, and geographical knowledge on the other. Indeed, he believed that most such contacts had ceased by the 8 th century AD.

China is winning the new Great Game in Central Asia

That flavor of cheap exoticism persists in the use of the term today. Rezakhani also notes persistent vagueness in explaining where exactly the route from Central Asia onward to the Mediterranean is supposed to have run, the fact that silk was almost certainly not a major commodity of trade it was manufactured in Western Asia from at least the 3 rd century AD and the anachronism of assuming that Europe played the same role in the ancient world economy as it does today. Finally, the key cultural exchanges along the supposed Silk Road were religious, and did not involve any direct connection between Europe and China — Buddhism travelled from India to China i.

As history, the film is nonsense, but it carries a very clear political message.

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  • Wither Afghanistan? The Great Game Takes a New Turn!

It is about creating new markets and routes for Chinese goods in Asia, partly as a means of absorbing the overcapacity produced by falling European and American demand, and it is not an altruistic exercise. Though in this respect it is no different from many western capitalist investments in the developing world, it has been widely criticized for failing to consider labor and human rights, or environmental sustainability, and for potentially eroding national sovereignty.

Even if Chinese investment under OBOR may bring real benefits, dressing this up in the language of the Silk Road does nothing to aid our understanding of it.

China is winning the new Great Game in Central Asia

The point where the two intersect is their disregard for Central Asia as anything more than a backdrop to a grand geopolitical narrative. Above all, they are concepts that, in their modern incarnations, tend to ignore the agency and interests of ordinary people, in favor of those of great powers. This may be a practical, as well as a moral error.