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No-tech homes are cropping up across the region. Nannies are being asked to sign no-phone contracts. Those who have exposed their children to screens try to talk them out of addiction by explaining how the tech works. Lilly said. And there are those in tech who disagree that screens are dangerous.

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Jason Toff, 32, who ran the video platform Vine and now works for Google, lets his 3-year-old play on an iPad, which he believes is no better or worse than a book. Toff said. He said he thinks back to his own childhood growing up watching a lot of TV. Other Silicon Valley parents say there are ways to make some limited screen time slightly less toxic. She wants her 2- and 4-year-old children to learn how to code young, so she embraces their awareness of gadgets.

But she distinguishes between these types of screen use. Playing a building game is allowed, but watching a YouTube video is not, unless it is as a family. Barbieri said. He had read studies on how learning a second language at a young age is good for the developing mind, so his daughter watches Italian-language movies and TV shows. Nellie Bowles covers tech and internet culture.

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Follow her on Twitter: nelliebowles. Supported by. The researchers found that participants who were the most dependent on their smartphones performed worse compared with their less-dependent peers, but only when they kept their smartphones on the desk or in their pocket or bag. The full study can be found here. Copy link. Explore Latest Articles.

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Why do so many people have this casual outlook? If Christianity and its doctrines, such as the holiness of God and the resurrection of Christ, are merely matters of personal opinion, then we are truly lost.

However, the media may be exaggerating the extent of this upheaval. Many Americans continue to agree with biblical ethics. The survey picks up some fascinating, and perhaps unexpected, results in the Millennial 18—34 age range. The views of Millennials will eventually shape the future of America.

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There has been a significant change for the better among Millennials across a range of questions when compared to previous State of Theology surveys—so much so that they score higher than any other age group in several areas. At the same time, young adults appear to be drifting away from the Christian worldview in other areas.

Finally, the views of Millennials on ethical issues are noteworthy. These results show the urgent need for sound biblical teaching and the bold preaching of the gospel. Millions of people do not understand the holiness of God, the reality of sin, and the one way of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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