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Automatic discovery of data center and multi-cloud inventory, configuration, and relationship data. Main Menu Featured Products.

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BMC Contact Options. Select the link below that best matches your interest. Cognitive, cloud-based ITSM to help your growing business be more competitive. IT Asset Management Getting the most return from your IT investment starts with a clear view of all your hardware and software assets. Cognitive Service Management Artificial intelligence, chatbots, virtual agents, and the Internet of Things IoT are all driving dramatic changes in how enterprises will deliver services in the future.

Service Catalog Customers depend on your service catalog to request or access the IT services they need to be successful.

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Knowledge Management Knowledge Management is the practice of capturing, organizing, and making available a body of knowledge within the service management organization to solve problems faster. Analyst Reports and White Papers.

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Improved, faster processes as a result of automated mail notifications sent to downstream individuals or departments. Installation of a suitable authorisation structure Training for key users one training session per role Predesigned user requirements specification and functional specification in the DHC format, plus suitable test cases functional tests. Since , we have been helping our customers in their SAP Solution Manager rollout and implementation projects.

Solving the hardest contract management problems with the Icertis Contract - THR2385

Our supplementary add-ons for Solution Documentation and Change Request Management cover additional requirements that are typically demanded in industries with especially high standards for quality. Germany Matthias Bothe.

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    What Problem Does ITIL Actually Solve For Companies?

    No one is having that much fun. Then ITSM arrives and fixes all the awkwardness. Done right, it achieves the following benefits:. When ITSM runs smoothly, that once-awkward party becomes one of those epic evenings that ought to be memorialized with stone tablets or impulsive tattoos. ITSM organizations obsess over consistency, best practices, and reducing manual labor with automation. Some IT departments focus on stuff — hardware, infrastructure, apps, etc.

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    You guessed right: These are not beach reads. Soon enough, ITIL morphed into an ecosystem with consultancies, software, training, examinations, and membership organizations. Over 2 million people worldwide now have ITIL qualifications. Think of ITIL as accumulated common sense. Organizations commonly mix-and-match frameworks.